Diary of "Sharq Taronalari"

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The festival "Sharq Taronalari", a grandiose theater in the open air, is a very peculiar phenomenon, and the view that it has no equal around the world!

The international music festival Sharq Taronalari has been one of the most massive and significant festival in the world for 22 years, which in much attention determines the approach to the development of musical art. For this period the festival has acquired a high international prestige, and is considered to have a high financial reward in performing arts. In Uzbekistan, the competition has the status of national heritage of the national musical culture, and each time it becomes one of the main international cultural events in the country. It strikes today - the extraordinary nature of its formation, the way it organizes action and space, and, most importantly, its musical and dramatic content. He immerses the viewer-listener in an absolutely unprecedented reality.

In addition to a large number of interesting programs, the festival itself is a complete musical work - with major, side and final parts, developments and culmination. Creative attitudes towards the design of the program increase the general tone of the festival. Having been held for 22 years, the festival "Sharq taronalari" opens the world the best performers of oriental music, giving a start to the bright career of domestic and foreign performers.

Perhaps, from all the foreign performers who have performed today in the framework of the Shark Taronalari festival and who came to us on this line for the first time, the name of the Azerbaijani singer Sahib Pashazade since the moment of his announcement personally intrigued me absolutely. The intrigue lasted until her speech, which was on August 25 (the first day of the contest). Marvelous interest in the sound of an exotic bright and juicy instrumentalist was also fueled by his videos with notes of Azerbaijani melodies posted on the Internet resources.

- What is your impression of the historical monuments of architecture - Registan Square, Bibikhanum Mosque ...... ..

In many countries of the world I have seen ancient monuments, historical constructions, places where tourists seek, but nothing could be compared to the Registan Ensemble, the Bibikhanum mosque. A peculiar architecture fascinates a person, every pattern and inscription on the walls of a madrasah imply a certain meaning. I was told that the Ensemble is especially beautiful in the evening. And I would like, if possible, to see this picture, to have a chat with the hospitable inhabitants of Samarkand.

Speaking in a broad sense, I think that Uzbeks "do not need anything". I'll explain. "Nothing is necessary" when you see your rich long history when you immerse yourself in your great literature, architecture and musical traditions. "Nothing is needed" when you see the beautiful streets in the center of historical Samarkand and the people are walking along them - proud, free, self-assured. And this is natural, because you "only have enough"! You have everything – and in a very high level!

I would especially like to note the identity of the musical cultures of the Eastern countries, which developed in parallel. Uzbek musical culture and Azerbaijani culture have always developed in close connection. Because the Azerbaijani scientists developed the problems of oral creativity of the professional oral tradition, it is impossible to imagine Azerbaijani music in isolation from the Uzbek, in particular makomat. Mugam art as well as poppy develops those areas of music that always evolve in parallel and influence each other.


-What will you tell your friends around the world about Uzbekistan?

"I strongly advise them to come here to see everything with their own eyes and admire Samarkand as I admired it myself!"

Pina VALENTINO, the Nantisia group:

- Italian people are very expressive and close to us in spirit that the first one comes to you

- In Italian there is an easily understandable word for Uzbek hearing, which very well describes all my impressions of Samarkand. Grandioso! Great! This word contains in itself and impressions of the beauty of the city, and the impression of the majesty of its appearance and architecture. I had a great impression from the Uzbek culture itself. You have an incredibly rich cultural heritage, an incredibly rich cultural intellect of the nation. Who has never been in Uzbekistan can not understand this. But when you visit here, you will not be surprised to see what you have just seen!

I was also impressed by the level of Uzbek musicians, the level of playing and understanding musical instrument deeply as well as for traditional music - makom. The Uzbek people are more introverts than extroverts, but at the same time you can see how you are all literate, educated people who read a lot, are interested in their history art and music. My most powerful musical impression was that at the hotel, Uzbek guests performed works by Italian authors. I was shocked by the silence and the intense attention that reigned in the lobby of our hotel. Enthusiastic feelings from music, and from the public, I certainly will keep in my memory forever...

Asal Kholmatova