Participants opinion

La Habana Zhakuin (Cuba):

- Our group has visited many countries around the world on tour. But as we meet here, not anywhere. At many festivals and competitions won a place of honor. We know that this time the win will be more difficult to get very strong team, each with its own musical personality. We will compete and score, it's not the point. The main thing that we were here and left a memory.


Eva Scully - musicologist (UK):

- The festival performs so  much   good music. I'm participating in scientific-practical conference  the second time, something very pleased me. Very interesting were the reports by musicologists all over the world the . Also I've been interested in reports of Uzbek scientists, who are always doing fresh and interesting presentation. In days, your independent Republic would be 20 years; I wish more prosperity to your fabulous Millennium state with a rich spiritual culture. I would like to introduce you to the guest of honor of the festival, the famous musician in the world of Jivan Gasparyan, he is from Armenia.


Jivan Gasparyan (Armenia):

- Even in the last century I was in your country, now it is almost unrecognizable. And Tashkent, and Samarkand - transformed, like a whole  world. I have won 21 times at various competitions since 1956, was four times winner of UNESCO, and at this festival in a beautiful Samarkand my grandson play with the Royal Orchestra of Great Britain. I think he will perform well. But in the last day I will present residents, I will speak to the Registan. Do not play at such a holy place, which has allocated millions of musicians for millennia, would be unforgivable. I would like to see if the Uzbeks associated with doira, Russian balalaika, Tatars, with an accordion, Spanish guitar, the Armenians - a duduk. Every nation has its own musical entity. And it is excellent.

Cashar Zarif, scientist, professor at the University of Toronto (Canada):

- Its my first time  in Uzbekistan, and I will confirm what I knew about this ancient magnificent country, the people who gave the world the priceless monuments of poetry, music and choreography, especially in its traditional areas. Despite the fact that a lot of studying the nature of their main occupation literature, and especially the dancing of the Uzbek people, and they are so diverse as the population of each region to see it first hand for me as a scientist ineffable joy. And the participation in scientific conferences, which will be given to the report of my "Revival styles of dances of the Eastern peoples', I think, will have a genuine interest in my colleagues who have gathered in this sacred land on which the dream of millions of people around the world to visit. I hope to stay here for some time to further explore the Uzbek musical culture, philosophy, folklore, and choreography.

Evie Grunfeld, a member of the international jury (Israel):

- What impresses me the most, so it's good feeling of your people, sincerity, openness and responsiveness. I can see the icon, it was given to the Friendship Society "Uzbekistan-Israel." I am honored to be in Uzbekistan and to participate in this grand festival of music of the peoples of the world in Samarkand, in this historic international city. Be composed of a representative jury is difficult, all participants are excellent, but will have to choose the best, only the Israeli team, I have no right to judge, as every member of the jury for their country's teams. But let's be very objective - it is an immutable law of competition. Ensemble «DROR» this time brought the song to which thousands of years, it is symbolic, the story of freedom and independence.

Jaroslav Polapov (Czech):

- Artists from the Czech Republic took part in previous festivals, but our team for the first time demonstrates his art. In our program, consisting of four parts, folk songs, tunes and dances. Our performances warmly accepted the audience. This suggests that the art of our country they loved it, as well as the refinement of taste of your fellow countrymen. Songs, tunes and dances, performed by Uzbek artists at the opening ceremony of the festival, multiply our interest in the arts of your country. We were fascinated by the rich musical heritage of your people and high professional artists.

Aniam Kennesaw DASA (Nigeria):

-  Since my arrival in your country, I have the feeling of admiration. At the opening ceremony of the festival, make sure your people have a rich culture and art. Every song, every dance - the whole world. At the festival, I sang about family relationships, about love, about the role of family in the upbringing of children. We, as your people, consider the family of the sacred and the duty of parents - worry about the future of their children. I think of our songs the audience knew it.

Eli Grunfeld (Israel)

 - He said that four years ago, visited Samarkand and was a member of the jury at the festival "Sharq taronalari." And this year he also came as a jury member. He noted that even before the festival feels some serious competition will be among the artists this year. Many participants are tense competition and feel responsible. They want high-level fasten their country. They do not just come to perform his own compositions, namely, to present their country well.

Tanya Tatlerka, producer bands (Brazil)

   am very pleased to participate in this grand festival. Its my first visit to Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, it has been a huge surprise for me to see modern and wide streets. People are very friendly hospitable. Culture and traditions of our Countries are very close. Uzbeks are emphasized kindness and complacency, so I would like to cooperate in the future with the Uzbekistan.

Albano (Italy)

-As for the inner city, I liked it very much, it is up to date. But I would like certainly to see the old part of town. Most first impressions are very positive about Uzbekistan and warm.

The fact that international competition gathers the most creative individuals from around the world very happy. First and foremost for me is a pleasant surprise, I am getting from these people of positive energy.
At first, I was invited to speak at the opening of the festival. Also, I was offered a solo concert, where I spoke with Kazan ensemble.
The audience is the main highlight of the festival, is the preservation of all the roots, the origins of this modern way of peoples' culture. My dream was to visit Uzbekistan. Walking along the Silk Road, the road I read the legend.
Apart from the fact that I am the son of his father's son I'm in the heart of Cristoforo Colombo and Marco Polo, as the soul - I've always traveler. I always open my new country, new culture
When you see on TV - this one, and when you can take pictures and touch it is another. I am very curious I travel constantly puteshestvovat love.

DASA DASA Nigeria said that already visited Uzbekistan in 2005 and welcome the opportunity to visit again in our sunny country and represent the art of his people in the framework of the VIII International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari."

 - "I have great expectations from this year's festival, as with past participation in this competition six years ago. During this time, I think this music festival has managed to expand the range of participants in age and quantitative terms. The festival - a platform for new ideas in the field of musical art. The festival in the ancient city of Samarkand has a special meaning, because this city throughout its more than 2700 years of existence, this land has grown up and gave the world great scientists, thinkers, philosophers and poets, whose works are wonderful now belongs to all humanity, "said musician .
According to him, held on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan festival once again demonstrates the desire of the republic in peace and harmony among the peoples of the world.
The representative of Nigeria wished the upcoming festival "Sharq taronalari" success and expressed the hope that it will contribute to the strengthening of intercultural dialogue and understanding on earth.

The representative of the cultural agency "Ahoy" Mahide Lane (Germany)

 - The festival "Sharq taronalari" I'm in for the third time. I first learned about the festival's production team of "Guli Bonu" in 2004. Festival for me is of great interest, since here one area attracts artists from around the world, including Africa and Latin America. I especially like the scene in the open air where are the artists, I think it's the most beautiful and impressive scene I saw in my life. The majestic monuments that surround the area of the mighty "Registan" inspire artists to the unusual status. The crazy atmosphere and excellent acoustics, lighting effects create a stunning show. I am glad that the festival expands its participants. At this prestigious event, under my leadership, attended by representatives from Nigeria, Namibia, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and other countries. This year I was fortunate enough to invite a group from Senegal, Nigeria, Cuba and Mongolia. All of these groups represent traditional music. I hope they will please their fans Uzbekistan's dancing, songs and melodies of their people. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan want to wish all residents living on this land, all the best.

La Habana Zhakuin (Cuba)

 - I am honored to be invited to this grand festival culture of the peoples of the world. Exchange in the field of culture and the arts, particularly folk art, in my opinion, makes an important contribution to our peace and international understanding. Now more than ever, it is  important to revive its own cultural and historical roots, and on this basis to maintain their identity and to better understand its origins and to know other cultures through the prism of their own. My music program consists of a combination of Afro-Cuban and Spanish-European melodies. The basis of my repertoire is made up of traditional and modern tunes, in particular, passed down from generation to generation for centuries. In my opinion the festival - a good opportunity to get acquainted with the cultures of the peoples of Uzbekistan and multicultural at the same time to represent their culture.

Francois Asuka (Senegal)

 - "This festival is a sort of a big celebration for all people. He is also a good opportunity to explore the art of different countries, of which, as we learned, is growing from year to year. Arriving in Uzbekistan, I plan to learn the culture, customs and traditions of Uzbek people, as well as to acquaint the audience with an exclusive program of incendiary African dances, known elegance of movement.
"Despite the fact that 20 years - this young age, but at the same time, this period of age, when all the energy of youth is sent back on track to achieve specific goals. The people of Uzbekistan, which soon will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the independence of their country, I wish strength and energy to further strengthen the sovereignty and achieve the goals, "concluded a musician.

Sashar Zarif - Professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Fine Arts (Canada)

- "I teach dance and art etnohoreografiyu, and interested in the musical art of Central Asia, in particular music and dance associated with the Sufi trend. I have studied poetry, literature and art dances of the Uzbek people. And here I hope to see firsthand all that which drew a lot of information about Uzbek culture and music and dance.
I arrived in Uzbekistan for the first time and this is one of important moments in my research. I plan to finish the book after a visit to Uzbekistan in the framework of the festival "Sharq taronalari." At the festival I went to take part in scientific-practical conference on the topic "Revival styles of dances of Eastern peoples." I hope that derives a lot of elements of Uzbek dance, as it has a rich philosophy, Uzbek music and folklore are also multi-faceted and complex in form and content, and this is a great material for my research."

Ogulbibi Reimova - head of music and dance group "Galkynysh" (Revival) (Turkmenistan)

 - "I have often participated in the festival" Sharq taronalari ", as well as in joint concerts of masters of arts of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, organized during the mutual visits of the two states. By participating in such events, continue to discover new pages of rich history and culture of Uzbek people, find new friends, share experiences and ideas. Art and Culture at all times serve the development and strengthening of relations between different peoples. I would like to stress that the tradition of Uzbekistan such prestigious musical forum serves the noble goals such as strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the Turkmen and Uzbek peoples."

Bal Ram Saini - Head of College of Music, "Saraswati" (India)

 - "This is truly a grand and spectacular event best musical groups from various countries present their art in the ancient Samarkand, where you can seamlessly coexist antiquity and modernity. The festival "Sharq taronalari" traditionally held symposiums, meetings and conferences that have become a shining example of fruitful creative communication of musicians from different countries. The inclusion of the festival "Sharq taronalari" in the number of international cultural activities of UNESCO shows its high political and spiritual level. And this year's festival held in the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan, which also attaches importance to this international cultural event.

Solomon Gogashvili and all, as a group of smiling musicians «Chveneburebi», which means "Our People" (Georgia):

- We are here for the first time and were overjoyed when they learned that we were invited here by such a big festival like "Sharq taronalari." For us, this particular proposal, not out of the ordinary, we perceive it as an event comparable to the World Cup. And, in turn, are delighted to present here our musical traditions of Georgia, as ancient, and melodies, enriched with modern trends in performance. To participate in this significant event for us, we have prepared a special program, which included musical numbers, traditional western and eastern Georgia, and now with an open heart ready to share the spiritual wealth of our nation. From their parents, we know that your country - a very cordial and hospitable, with rich cultural traditions. And it's hospitality and warmth is felt as soon as you go down the ramp. One feels at some high-level set is the organization of the Festival. Not every country can unite such a large number of participants - more than 50 countries! After all, this is - a constellation of national cultures. So, hello, Uzbekistan!

Singer from Azerbaijan Nazokat Temurova, representing a group of "Khari Bulbul":

- We were in different countries, but in Uzbekistan have arrived for the first time and are pleased that the privilege to participate in this beautiful and great musical event and even in one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan. We have brought here a program that included songs of our national "Mugam" (poppy) and "Mugam Shur." I know that this kind of music has long been there, and Uzbekistan. And, although a little nervous, I was just so interesting to be here and our Azeri "Mugam" and I hope to adequately address. After all, this festival is that it unites here at one stage a variety of artists from different countries, each of which demonstrates their folk traditions. And in this general spirit of the festival is a mutual learning, enrichment cultures, while giving birth to something new, unique creation. I am honored to be on the stage of the Uzbek culture of our people.
In parting, a great ox-eyed soulful lyrical Nazokat sang an excerpt from his program - it really was divine.

Head Elvira Erletska for the second time arrives in Uzbekistan to participate in the "Sharq taronalari." This year she brought the two teams at once - "Igaunyu Diemen" of Latvia and "Aysva" (Lithuania):

- With great joy I come here again and glad I had the honor to represent at the festival "Sharq taronalari" just two teams. I've already told our members, both here cordially welcome guests. I know what kind of music programs is demonstrated in the framework of this festival, and so it is very carefully prepared for the trip here. I think that the Uzbek students to appreciate the creativity and the Lithuanian group "Aysva" who sings, superimposing one voice on the other hand, using ancient folk instruments, as well as performances of the Latvian band "Igaunyu Diemen." This is a family group, where all the singing - mom dad and two daughters. As the people of Latvia and Lithuania are close to national traditions, the selection, we are still guided by each country to submit original, different from each other on the creative direction of numbers unique to people of their country.
We - the representatives of European nations is always with great pleasure that we go here, to touch the mysteries of Eastern culture. And that would especially like to mention in your country very sensitively and carefully apply to the preservation of ancient culture, adhere to national traditions. Not every country is seen. Thank you all once again for the Uzbeks hospitality and cordiality with which you will always meet your guests!

Another guest was our interlocutor with a colorful appearance - Sashar Zarif from Canada, who came to attend the scientific conference, which will take place in the international music festival "Sharq taronalari."

- Since 2004, together with Azerbaijani researchers I have been doing research Sufi music and choreography. We are working on recreating the dance of the poppies, and that will be the topic of my presentation at the conference. After the festival, I would like to stay here for some more time to do more in-depth study of the Uzbek national music and dance. I would like to see then on the basis of these data, the university youth of our country with great attention to studying the culture and geography of Central Asia, since there is in this respect there are significant gaps. And the best way possible, by "living" knowledge of the arts and cultures within such a large festival like "Shark taronalari." I'm sure a lot of valuable knowledge, I'll take from your home country to their homeland.