Samarkand  which  is called as the «Pearl of the Orient» from ancient times has inscribed  in  the  World  Heritage  List  of  UNESCO. Standing on the crossroad of the Great Silk Road, Samarkand preserved the culture, art and unique architecture of the ancient world civilizations until today.

Historical  monuments  of  Samarkand  impress the people of the world by  their beauty and greatness.

On  one  of  these  unique  monuments  of  architecture -  Registan  square and in every  biennium  between  25th  and  30st  of August  International  Music Festival  «Sharq  Taronalari»  («Melodies  of  Orient»)  is  held  regularly organized under the patronage of UNESCO.

International Music Festival «Sharq Taronalari» («Melodies of Orient») is the one of the biggest festivals in Central Asia. The main aims and objectives of the festival are to popularize widely the best achievements of national music art, to preserve and develop traditions and cultures, to encourage talents  in  musical  and  vocal  sphere,  as  well  as  to  spread  in  further international creative ties, to strengthen cultural-spiritual cooperation, to praise peace, friendship and ideas of mutual sympathy.

The first International Music Festival «Sharq Taronalari» («Melodies of Orient»)  took  place  in  1997  at  which  participated  musical  groups  and performers from 31 different countries. Today it became one of the most famous  festivals  in  Central  Asia  and in  abroad.  The  bright evidence  to  this  is  that  year  after  year  not  only  the  number  and  the artistic level of participants are increasing, but also geographical range of participating countries is widened.

Thus, at the 10th International Music Festival «Sharq Taronalari» that was held on in 2015, participants from 66 countries attended the event.

It  became  a  good  tradition  to  undertake  international  scientific conferences, devoted to particular aspects of music, at which participate scientists and scholars from all over the world.

Each Festival, that is held in Samarkand is unique and exclusive.