Participants of the festival 2017

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The award-winning instrumental trio Cobario from Vienna, Austria, has already toured half the globe enchanting their audience with two guitars and a violin wherever they perform.

The well-travelled and enthusiastic vagabonds Herwigos (violin, viola, piano), El Coba (guitar) and Giorgio Rovere (guitar) have been delighting their audience with an eclectic mix of dreamy and melancholy tunes, energetic and compelling sound installations as well as virtuosic solos for ten years now. Perfect time to release their fifth album, “Zehn Welten“ (“Ten Worlds“). Each of the compositions presents a distinct world of its own, beautifully created and explored by Cobario.

Cobario started its musical journey as buskers in the streets of Barcelona in 2006. The trio soon developed their characteristic style of music; largely influenced by the vast variety of inspirations they gained travelling the world as buskers. Before long, Cobario was invited to play at festivals and concert halls across Europe, North America and Asia. Cobario’s recent compositions and captivating style of play still radiate that unique buskers’ energy as they impressively demonstrate on their new album “Zehn  Welten” (“Ten Worlds”).