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This  band was  founded  in 2014’  Forget  the trombone  of judgment  and  enjoy  this  declaration  of merciful  love.  Let  the  man from  Southern Ostrobothnia from  Finland  show  you  the  comfort,  hope  and  smashing skills of their  quiddity’

Masa-Duo  is  a duo  band,  which combines  new  and  old  tradition  folk  music  with  the  harsh  Southern Ostrobothnian  touch.  Folk-musician Mr. Kyosti  Jdrveld,  with a  vigorous grasp  to  his violin  meets  Mr.  Lauri Kotamiki  and  his  rhythmical,  fast accordion. Their  music  is  filled  with speed, dangerous situations  and  rakish  feeling  of the  genuine  Finnish  folk music.

There  is  a new  wave of folk  music  in Finland,  where players  make  new  and  own  folk  music  with  the  elements of  all the  other musical genres. MASA-Duo is traveling in the very front of this wave. Its  repertory  is  mainly consisted of  old  Finnish  folk  music  songs  which are newly  arranged’  There  are songs  learned  from the  old  masters,  different  types  of storytelling songs, melodies  and medleys  from different  regions  of Finland.

Mr. Jdrveld  and Mr. Kotamdki have  grown up in  the  middle  of  the  Finnish  folk  music  tradition.  They  have  long experience  with  various  Finnish  folk  music  ensembles, like  Bill  Hota  & the  Pulvers,  Tottersson,  Jdrveldn pelimannit  (the  folkmusicians  of  Jdrveld),  Haka, Alavuden kaksiriviset, 5/5, Pirulainen,  Timo Rautiainen  and public  men etc. Gigs Masa-Duo  has made in  many folk  music festivals  in Finland,  such as  Sata’Hdme  Soi, Kaustinen  Folk  Music Festival,  Alavus  Ryskoot,  KevdttA  palkeissa  and  the  cruise of Folklandia’