Participants of the festival 2017

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The Greek traditional music ensemble “ENTOPIA” is a recently formed group, based on two multinstrumentalist musicians\: Lefteri Mantzioukas and Tasos Staveris.   Μain purpose is to express the old traditional music and rhythm colors around Greece, through  centuries. Each time is formed by 2 instruments, like  the greek traditional zygia (duet). Dances, tunes and songs, are performed  with different instruments.

LEFTERI MANTZIOUKAS started learning traditional tunes and songs together with many master musicians and singers such as Domna Samiou and Aristides Vassilaris. He is playing professionally since the age of 22 with many traditional bands around the country, participating in local festivals and celebrations, dancing groups, theater plays, weddings and other social happenings. Also on TV and radio traditional music programs, plus many local festivals of  traditional music indoors and around the world in countries such as Korea,Finland,India,Italy,Turkey,Germany,Scotland,Serbia,Ruusia,Chech republic.


MUSICIAN – EDUCATOR.  A music teacher in primary schools. He studied classical guitar at the National Music School and Advanced Music Theory at Orfeas Music School with Constantinos Nonis. At the same time, he took up traditional string instruments.

He has played music with various bands of contemporary and traditional Greek music in numerous venues and festivals both in Greece and abroad. He has collaborated with the ¨Αl Moussafir¨ band and the Tunisian singer Lamia Bedioui playing music of the Mediterranean in international festivals such as the Memphis Festival in Tunis, the 3rd Festival of Ethnicities in Chania, the Delphic Celebrations, as well as for the 3rd Channel of the National Radio & Television Company, and so on.

His discography includes various productions such as that of the University of Athens in 1999 for the educational program of Muslim children, a CD-ROM on Greek traditional music of the German Company Carlen Studios, etc.  He has composed original music for videos and theatrical plays, as in the performance “Andromache” (1999) Veroia Municipal Regional Theatrical Company, in the Herodium Open Theatre in a recording with the band “Avaton” for the play “The Abduction of Europe” (2003) under the direction of George Chatzidakis, etc.

 He teaches music in the “Echotropion” Music School in Athens.