Participants of the festival 2017

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NAGHSH Ensemble


This group was founded in November 2010. The goal of Naghsh group is to perform record and promote the traditional form of “Dastgah” music incorporating methods that have long been used by masters from the previous decade. The methods used were from well-known masters of the end of Qajar dynasty and beginning of the Pahlavi dynasty.

Two albums from this group published by Mahoor institute of culture and art such as "Chaharsu" and "Barafshan" and one sound track published by Sazavaz institute of culture and art in "10 Tasnif" album.

The aim of this group is to preserve the traditional music repertoire of the old Masters that is unfortunately disappearing from our world today. Nowadays most musicians and singers are working on creating new styles that is vastly different from the old, traditional Iranian methods, and instead greatly affected by foreign cultural musical styles.

Naghsh has performed in many concerts and festivals in Iran and other countries such as their live concert in Iran – Vahdat Hall and Roudaki Hall; in Fadjr Music Festival; in First festival of Classical Music of Iran; in Setif, Algeria- International Samaa Suffi Festival; in Constantine, Algeria- International Al-Enchead Festival; in Alger, Algeria – Festivalgeria; in Baku, Azerbaijan- International Muqām Festival and get first rank of vocal with Mojtaba Asgari in 2013.

Members of the group:

Amir Sharifi : Leader of Group - Tar/Setar Player

Mojtaba Asgari : Singer

Marjan Mehraban : Kanun

Arsash Saeidian : Oud

Elmira Mardaneh : Kamancheh

Hoshmand Ebadi : Ney

Mohammad Eshghi : Santour

Soheil Allahdadian : Tombak/Bendir Player