Participants of the festival 2017

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The group made up of Annalisa Messina, voice, Ferdinando Ghidelli, guitar and pedal steel, Peppe Vertaldi, drums, Ubaldo Tartaglione, guitar and mandolin, Donato Tartaglione, bass, (in live gigs plus: Pina Valentino, percussions, Almerigo Pota flugelhorn) - proposes a project that, starting from topics of popular origin flows in the universe of World music, where contamination with jazz, country and other musical cultures enriched with original colors their songs. The peculiarity of the group, in addition to contamination, lies in the choice of joining, the deep and warm voice of Anna Messina, of various cultures instruments, such as the "American" pedal steel, the "classic" double bass, Mediterranean "Mandolin" and "frame drum" and the sound "rock / blues" electric guitars. The Nantiscia have to their credit, despite the recent formation, the presence of ethnic music Festival Summonte (AV) "Mediterranean Paths" (July-August 2015) and in the event "The Art of the Sacred and the Profane" in Casertavecchia (June 2015).