Participants of the festival 2017

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Goseong Folk-song Preservation Foundation

South Korea

Goseong Folk-song was designated as the National intangible cultural Heritage and about 50 members are passing down the sound and the play with the Nongak instruments accompaniment. The play of the Goseong Folk-song Preservation Foundation is about being loyal to the country, filial to one’s parents and sublimating the arduous process on farming. The foundation is performing in and out of the country every year and is known to be one of the best Foundations for preserving Korean traditional culture.

The folk song in Goseong region is also good with the sound of spinning wheel, the sound of weaving hemp cloth and the sound of the funeral (Sanngyeo sori) but the best is the Nongyo.

The Nongyo in Geseong region is divided into 5 performances :Rice planting song, Flailing song , Weaving song, Weeding song, Spinning song.

In 2001, they was awarded with the 1st, 2nd national rural folk song contest (total 21 times) Awarded Prime Minister’s Award, Minister of Culture and Tourism Award, 3 Minister of Education Awards, Commissioner of Culture Award, and year later, the 3rd (total 22 times) National Rural Folk song contest Awarded President Award

In 2007 designated as Gyeongsangnam-do province Korean traditional music performance group

In 2007 performed 20 performances and participated in the 28th folk song free short course and one year later in the International Folksong Symposium, and in recent years in  the 24th, 26th, 25th Korean Folk song festival, at The 26th Yeongnam, Honam The three Nongyo farming field,  Cultural heritage transmission home teaching (20 schools in Gyeongsangnam-do)

They also performed in many invitation performances like at Jiangxi province Jinhu, at international cultural exchange festival and Japanese culture festival, at Huaian, Heian, Jiangxi province Farmer festival, at NY association of Korean residents,  at international vegetable fair invited by Shouguang, at Okagaki, Fukuoka, Japan.