Participants of the festival 2017

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The name of the ensemble is "Muras", it means "heritage". Ensemble consists of many musicians Sherkul Sherik uulu, Temirlan Sovetovich, Emilbek Ishenbek uulu and Aysana Omorova in other words, multi instrumentalists, playing on such instruments as: komuz, kyl-kyyak, choor, sybyzgy, chopo-choor, temir ooz-komuz, jigach ooz-komuz.

The origin of compositions is the native-traditional music of Kyrgyz people. They try to preserve all the richness of their folklore music, however, modernize it to in our time. The aim of ensemble is to popularize Kyrgyz traditional music, preserve and promote Kyrgyz culture. In addition to traditional music, they also perform modern music.

The ensemble has been formed recently. But, during this time, they participated in a number of international festivals, such as: "The Second International Music Festival of Mohammad Rasulillah" in Iran. They performed on large stages of many countries of the world for example: Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, USA, etc.