Participants of the festival 2017

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“Saugės” is a duet of ethnomusicologists Loreta Sungailienė and Audronė Vakarinienė from Vilnius. They perform archaic monophonic and polyphonic work, wedding, youth, love, family and gathering songs from Lithuanian regions. The singers and accompany themselves with violin, kanklės and woodwinds.

Loreta and Audronė they have been working at the Lithuanian National Culture Centre since 2000. They both are the members of Lithuanian Folklore Experts Board, the organizers of Lithuanian Song Celebrations, international folk festivals “Baltica” and “Skamba skamba kanklės”. The women lead several folklore groups which are granted the highest categories of the amateur artists in Lithuania and the titles of “The Best Folklore Group of the Year” in the Lithuanian Amateur Artists Awards “Aukso paukštė”.

In 2005 Loreta and Audronė brought together a folklore group “Saugės” that consisted of five women folklorists up until 2010. In 2005–2010 the group “Saugės” have taken parts in international cultural events in Linz (Austria), London (Great Britain), Warsaw (Poland), they have participated in the major international folklore festivals “Baltica” and “Skamba skamba kankliai” in Lithuania. The band has released 4 CDs: „Kupole rože“, „Velykų rytą lelija pražydo“, „Sutartinės party“, „Note Lithuania“. Lithuanian National Culture Centre included songs, instrumental music and dance sutartinės performed by the singers of “Saugės” into the educational DVD “Traditional Lithuanian Songs.

Since 2010 the group has consisted of Loreta and Audronė’s duet that has successfully represented Lithuania in the international events in Berlin (Germany), London (Great Britain) and Riga (Latvia). The duet conducts sung and choreographic folklore trainings in both Lithuania and for Lithuanians abroad (Kaliningrad District, Russia, Great Britain, Island and USA). In 2015 the ethnomusicologists held thematic folklore afternoon gatherings in the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania, in 2015–2016 they organized cultural event “Visa Lietuva šoka” (Eng. “Lithuanian Dance”) that gathered more than 20,000 participants every year.