Participants of the festival 2017

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Meshk Ensemble


Performing together under guidance of Dr. Timucin Cevikoglu since 1998, the group recently adopted the name "Meshk Ensemble". "Meshk" is the traditional method of training in high arts, including but not limited to music. It is the way the tradition is transmitted between the generations. Meshk Ensemble aims to be a venue for enthusiasts of Turkish Classical Music and Sufi Music where they can teach, learn and share.

The Artistic director of the group is Dr. Timucin Cevikoglu, foremost researcher in the field of Sufi Music and Mevlevi tradition and an artist of Turkish Ministry of Culture.

The group presents the tradition of Turkish Sufi/Classical music. The main focus of the group is the "Ayin" music, music composed specifically to accompany "Sema" (Whirling Ceremony) of the Mevlevi brotherhood, or so called "Whirling Dervishes". Currently, the group is interested mainly in the recovery and presentation of the lost Ayin compositions. These valuable pieces which have not been played for more than a hundred years are now part of the repertory Meshk presents.

​Along with many performances in Turkey and abroad both as a group and by individual members, under the name of "Meshk", the ensemble has performed at the 2011 edition of Mantras Festival in Madrid, Spain; at the 2012 edition of Assa Festival in Assa, Morocco; at the 2013 edition of the World Sufi Spirit Festival in Rajasthan, India; at 2015 edition of Festival Músicas Contemplativas in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and at the 2016 edition of Transcender Festival at Barbican Hall in London. In 2015, the Ensemble was also invited for several programs of lectures, workshops and concerts to Moscow by the Chaikovsky Conservatory. Meshk Ensemble was also featured in the radio program “Couleurs du Monde” of Radio France in 2013.​​