Participants of the festival 2017

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Awen Celtica

United Kingdom

Awen Celtica, from Wales, UK, was formed when a group of musicians came together for a Canadian tour in 2016.

Siân James, lead singer, is the most celebrated and modern of traditional singers and an icon in her native Wales. Siân has toured extensively for many years, playing concerts in countries as far as Japan and the US as well as all over Europe. She has to date released 10 albums of her work. Her voice is pure and crystalline, as she sings ancient Celtic laments and modern Welsh folktales, and accompanies herself on the harp. She is a wonderful storyteller, singing mostly in Welsh, weaving tales and legends throughout the music and translating the lyrics as she goes. Recently, Siân has collaborated with her son Mabon on the guitar, thus adding a contemporary dynamic to the performance.

A versatile musician, Sioned Webb has many strings to her bow, crossing over from the classical to folk. A former winner of the John Weston Thomas triple harp competition, she has played folk harp, fiddle and whistles in bands such as Pererin and Pentan. Sioned delights in arranging Welsh folk songs in a number of ways - ranging from the traditional to the much more experimental.

Arfon Gwilym is one of Wales’ leading tradition bearers - an experienced and knowledgable singer and teacher of folk song. He’s written a history of the traditional music of Wales, and co-edited collections of Welsh folk songs and plygain carols.

Together, their renditions of Welsh traditional songs flourishes with excitement, soul and dramatic imagery.