Participants of the festival 2017

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The Ukrainian "Kalyna" folklore ethnographic ensemble was founded in 1981. Promoting and reestablishing traditional rituals, saving Ukrainian folk music, songs and dances are the main purposes of Kalyna’s ensemble. Repertoire of the academic folklore ethnographic ensemble Kalyna, consists of folk song, choral singing and choreography, like to the fountain of the genre symbiosis. They have been successfully taking part in many international and republican competitions and festivals. Fans from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China, Korea, Indonesia, Chile, France, Egypt, Israel, Italy and others, welcomed the ensemble’s performances.
Today, the Kalyna’s team is a group of musicians of various genres and directions, and includes the bands “Blagovist” and “Kozatski Zabavy”.
The peculiarity of choreographic-plastic solution to musical dramaturgy is its loyalty to the direction of the orchestra and vocal genres and the diversity of the national costumes of the regions and the artistry of the actor’s art are distinguished sides of Kalina ensemble among other Ukrainian ensembles.