Participants of the festival 2017

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The band consists of 5 musicians specializing in traditional Vietnamese music from the prestigious Viet Nam National Academy of Music in Ha Noi. Members of the band has entertained audience throughout the world, performing a range of music using only Vietnamese traditional instruments. The group members use the following musical instruments: one string instrument, bamboo flute, pipa instrument, T’rung instrument, Goong instrument, Jew’s harp, moon sharped  guitar, Kni instrument …. Our goals and objectives are the same as the festival: to preserve and develop of the best achievements of traditional music, to educate younger generation in the spirit of continuing our national traditions and further share and spread our national musical heritage to the world.

Band members

Dang Thi Hoai Thu: Head of the group

Instruments:  T’rung instrument, Goong instrument

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai

Instruments: Bamboo  flute,  Jew’s harp, folk dance

Luong Dieu Cam

Instruments: Pipa, traditional drum

Vi Thi Thu

Instruments: One string instrument, T’rung instrument

Pham Quy Ton

Instruments: Kni instrument , moon sharped guitar, folk singer