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„Kapela Ludowa z Żegocina” – folk band was founded in 2005 and operates in Cultural Centre in Żegocin, area of Wielkopolskie province, Pleszew district and Czermin division. Since 2010, Katarzyna Zawada is the music director of the band.

Kapela Ludowa z Żegocina consist of:

•       Monika Walendowska   - violin

•        Krzysztof Zawada            -  drum, kaliskie double bass, vocal

•        Katarzyna Zawada                - accordion, vocal

The folk band accompanies the folklore dancing group called „Żegocinianie” and plays separately in local as well as regional celebrations. Additionally, it takes part in national and international folklore festivals such as International Folk Meetings in Żywiec, World Kashubian Congress in Lębork, International Folk Meetings in Jarocin – Żegocin- Potarzyca and  International Folk Meetings “Muzyka Regionów” in Lębork. The band repeatedly performed in the Steinhöfel municipality in Germany. Moreover,  “Kapela Ludowa z Zegocina” was performing in Latvia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The band has thrice competed and achieved top scores of Regional Review of Southern Wielkopolska Folk Bands in Brzeziny. In 2014 it was playing in the European parliament in Brussels. It actively participates in Folklore Stages of Kalisz Grounds, which is organized by „ Arts and Culture Centre in Kalisz”  Kalisz.
In its repertoire, the music band has Polish national, folk, feast, patriotic and religious songs. They also play folk music of other countries. The music band released 3 CD’s: „To i owo na ludowo”, „Biesiada na ludowo”, „Kolędy i Pastorałki”.

Zegocin music band perform  melodie from various regions of Poland. There will be love, family, ceremonial  songs:

  1. Oberek - national dance from  Kalisz  region in Wielkopolska, from Prosna valley
  2. Czerwone jabluszko (Red apple) – kujawiak, polish national dance
  3. W moim ogrodecku (In my village garden)
  4. Zachodze sloneczko (Sunset)