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La Banda Morisca


During the 13th and 15th century The Moorish Band (La Banda Morisca) was the changing border that separated the Nasrid Arab-Andalusian Kingdom of Granada from the Crown of Aragon and Castile. Within this strip of no man’s land, where both Christian and Muslim dealers, fugitives and nomads, as well as the first gypsies coming to the Iberian Peninsula, met and coexisted, it is probable that the forms and the sensibility of what would later come to be known as “Cante Jondo” started to crystallize.  La Banda Morisca is now, also, the name of a septet from Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucía)  
La Banda Morisca is a group of passionate musicians who have founded or been involved in numerous musical adventures with some of the most remarkable bands from the “World Music” and traditional Spanish music circuits such as Radio Tarifa, La Jambre, Eduardo Paniagua, La Musgaña, Hevia, and Zoobazar.  
Now they are fusing their original and creative view of a traditional repertoire of music with oriental and occidental influences from the South of Mediterranean like Muwashahas, Chaabi, Dahmane el Harachi and Nass el Ghiwane, and the mood of the traditional flamenco from Jerez and Andalusian rock such as Lole & Manuel, El Chozas, and Triana... 

They have 2 albums and they are working in their third one to 2018. 

They´ve been in the USA, Canada, Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Portugal and they are working in their next tours by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India and Poland. 

Their second album - Algarabya has been achieved a big success!