Participants of the festival 2017

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Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai was founded in 2010. It is a traditional orchestra which focused on the traditional Chinese opera music works. The Orchestra’s aim is to inherit, innovate, develop and spread Chinese outstanding national music and opera music. The Orchestra’s fundamental principle is to explore the art of Chinese opera music with Chinese traditional orchestra.

Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai has many famous players. It invites renowned conductor Mr. Wang Yongji as the artistic director of orchestra. And the players are all graduated from Central Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and other professional music and Chinese opera institutions.

The orchestra was invited to perform at the 27th、29th、30th、31th、32th、33th、34th Spring of Shanghai International Music Festival, the 13th &16th China Shanghai International Arts Festival, the Shanghai International Expo, 2010 the national day gala of Zhejiang province, the opening ceremony of the 2011 Asia Games in Guangzhou. The Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai was also invited to 5 states of the United States to give performances in 2010 and was invited to tour 6 major cities in Denmark in October 2016; The Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai enjoys a good reputation from the audience around the world.

The excellent folk music and opera are the essence of our national folk art, it contains so much profound contents. Our orchestra aims to better display the features of traditional Chinese operas. Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai dedicates itself to inherit, promote and spread Chinese National folk music and operas.