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"Cixi City Celadon Ou Music Troupe"


“Ou Music” short for Yue kiln Celadon porcelain music is also known as “water bowl” music. It represents a form of artistic expression and performance skill with the “Yue Kiln Ou bowl” as the main musical instrument, and is played by musical instruments and utensils made from ceramic clay,


Yue-kiln celadon porcelin Ou music originates from both sides of Hangzhou Bay and it developed alongside the development of the Yue kilns. Celadon Ou music was rich but simple, elegant and beautiful, becoming very popular among ordinary people and refined scholars. A number of Ou music performers emerged, such as Guo Daoyuan, Ma Chushi, Bu Feiyin and so on, leaving behind many examples of tribute poetry. “The Road of Ceramics in Sea“ and “playing Ou” music consequently spread from China to India, Turkey and even Central Asia, West Asia and other neighboring countries.


The Yue-Kiln celadon Ou music has a long history. It is an outstanding historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

The Cixi City Celadon Ou Music Troupe is an artist program troupe which has key support from the government. He Zhanhao, the famous composer, holds a concurrent post of art director in the troupe. Ruan Mingqi holds a concurrent post of permanent conductor in the troupe.  Ou Music Troupe combines the brand of Celadon Ou Music with songs and dances and other kinds of art.


Since 2005, Shang Lin Zhui YiYue Porcelain FeverFlute under the MoonMinghe Dream, Spring Dawn and many other artistic works of Celadon Ou Music have achieved provincial or national gold awards or big prizes. Celadon Ou Music once was invited to participate in CCTV ethnical musical instruments competition, Jin Jing Receiving Olympics, Shanghai Expo, China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair and some other important performances. The Troupe has also been to France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for cultural exchanges. The Yue Kiln celadon Ou music, with its profound historical and cultural background and beautiful and elegant performances, is much loved by domestic and foreign audiences.