Participants of the festival 2019

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Debapriya & Samanwaya


Debapriya & Samanwaya being even excellent soloists, are the most sought after Duo of the younger generation, representing Indian Classical Music. They are unique and a rare duo culminating the Voice and Sitar, presenting the finer aspects and pure sound of Indian Classical of Music merging the traditional approach learnt over more than 27 years with their innovative mind.

They have been learning and learnt with celebrated Maestros of India and have proven themselves in the world of music as soloists and consistent duo of a unique and rare culmination of Vocal and Sitar. Fans and followers and music lovers admire them for their understanding and knowledge, musical subtlety and broadness, technical richness and aesthetic wisdom.  In their teenage they were awarded First Prize on behalf of President of India at the National Level competition by All India Radio at Instrumental and Vocal category as soloists. They won first prizes at many other competitions at the state and national level and also received several scholarships.

They toured several countries. In Australia they performed for international music festivals like Brunswick Music Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival Parramasala and many other concerts like at Bega, Perth, Gosford, Newtown and Auckland in New Zealand. They are capable of holding workshops with music students and children.

Sarkar’s sitar playing is sublime and authoritative. He will navigate his way around the notoriously difficult to play sitar with ease. Adhikary’s vocal is technically flawless, and he possesses a marvellous quality of expression.