Participants of the festival 2019

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Kokle is the most characteristic Latvian folk string instrument that has been played with love all through hundreds of years. The gentle, silvery sound of the instrument emits special brightness. The most ancient playing traditions are associated with it, as the mythological Sun and God have often been depicted playing kokle. Its history in the Baltics is of a great and long-lasting tradition. Kokle is an eminent symbol of the musical heritage and the nation’s spirit of song. The kokle group BALTI comes from Latvia, Babīte region. It is one of the most popular groups of the kokle players in Latvia. The ensemble works under the artistic guidance of Valda Bagāta. The repertoire of BALTI mostly consists of different arrangements of Latvian folk songs and dance melodies, the lyrics and melodies of which originate in the ancient culture of the population Balts. BALTI value the great depth of Latvian traditions and the contemporary musical expression, they also perform the classical pieces, the original music of modern composers as well as vocal and instrumental compositions. Kokle ensemble BALTI achievements in international and local music competitions and festivals: XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Festival kokle ensemble competition – 1st place (2018); IV International kokle competition, Kaustinen (Finland)– category of professionals – 1st place and Special Award of Martti Pokela (2017)'; International traditional instrumental music festival Звенят цимбалы и гармоник Postavi (Belarus) – 1st degree diploma award (2017); World folklore championship Burgas (Bulgaria) – Gold medal and GRAND PRIX, Orpheus (2015); International multistring performer competition Pskov (Russia) – 2nd place (2013); XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival – 1st place and GRAND PRIX (2013); VX International music competition EUTERPE (Italy) – 1st place in category of orchestras (2013); III International music competition OLIMPO MUSICALE, Prienai (Lithuania) category of ensembles GRAND PRIX (2011).