Participants of the festival 2019

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The music ensemble Hatan was founded by three Mongolian musicians at the beginning of 2013. The name Hatan means noble woman/queen since the group memebers are the only female band from Mongolia in Europe. They perform not only in Germany but also all across Europe.

The current four-member music ensemble connects traditional Central Asian songs from Mongolia as well as from Bryatia and Kazakhstan with new arrangements and individual improvisations and supplements with their own compositions – sometimes powerful and expressive, sometimes soft and delicate, sometimes reflective and melancholic to archaic and meditative.

The band contains instruments (horse head fiddle, snake skin tone, knee harp, percussion), vocals, dance, mongolian throat singing, praises and knee harp trio. Not only do they play famous mongolian traditional pieces but also have their own songs which musicians will also perform. Hatan’s performance is very diverse with different topics such as the mongolian nature and many more.

In addition to the traditional instruments and the customary female vocals (Urtiin Duu) you can also hear classical Mongolian throat singing. The musical impressions of nomadic life in the vast Central Asian steppe are accentuated by traditional Mongolian expressive dance.