Participants of the festival 2019

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Luz Katharine de George


Luz Katharine de George is a self-taught musicologist, singer, musician, choreographer and researcher. She started at an early age and has produced three albums.

The second, "Eros y Tantos, Las Flores Buenas ..." was selected to "Best New Artist" and "Best Folk Album” competitions at the Latin Grammy Awards 2012.

She works with the most important figures of Peruvian music, as the late Maestro Felix Casaverde, a legend of Peruvian black music and one of the greatest south American guitar players of all times.

Her last album, which is being released at this moment, is the result of more than a decade of research and exploration of Arab Andalusian expressions in the new world, the Americas, and their influence in Latin American popular music since the Spanish colonization in the sixteenth century until today.

She also studied poetic metrics in the peruvian “décimas” and octosyllables and its relationship with the quatrains in the work of Omar Khayam, the “Rubaiyat".