Participants of the festival 2019

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Sandra Rehder



Sandra Rehder singing is the tango of the present generation, the tango of today’s brave women, with forceful interpretations and exceptional quality. As well as having a dazzling voice, Sandra Rehder is an actor.

She appropriates the feelings of every composer and every lyricist as she interprets their work and projects it, not just with her voice but through her entire body.

There is poetry in the tango that Sandra Rehder sings to us, as there is in her looks, in her vivacious voice, in the emotion that pours out in each song. There is delight in her choice of repertoire and truth in her milonguera rhythm, A profound life, well travelled , implements of inestimable value to feel the tango and to express it, in order to pierce the skin of he who listens and to reach the soul, the last refuge of personal emotion, Rehder attains it.

Something magical happens on stage when Sandra Rehder sings accompanied by the virtuous guitar of Pablo Martorelli. The bandoneonist Lucas Calabrese completes the training, putting his quota of strength and talent to this Argentinean and powerful tango trio.

Her repertoire combines well known classics with new compositions of the lyricists and composers of today.

Sandra Rehder is pure tango, that looks at the flightiness of life, the injuries that makes us what we are. Eternal tango.