Participants of the festival 2019

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The music of the ethnic group “Ayarkhaan” is a harmonious combination of the sounds of nature and musicality, antiquity and modernity, it is the melody of life, eternity and the whole universe ... Group gives a modern breath to their music having engaged with ancient traditions. This group is unique in its performing manner. The compositions of “Ayarkhaan” have an internal rhythm, listener feel not only the birds singing, but also their flight, not only the sound of horse hooves, but also the whistle of the wind in their run; “Ayarkhaan” means a tribe of creators. In their songs music fans feel the breath of antiquity and the dynamics of modernity. Amusing sounds of khomus can brighten long nights, extinguish sadness, unhappiness, dispel negative thoughts, as well as have magic feelings. Khomus was created by divine blacksmiths, tribal elders to embellish games with their sonorous voice, to make festivities brighter, songs louder, dances livelier, and hearts and souls brighter. The “Ayarkhaan” repertoire includes not only a virtuoso play on the khomus, but also unique Yakut songs.

The performances of the “Ayarkhaan” group make a fun and cause great delight of the public.

Previously forgotten manners of singing such as “khabar5a yryata”, “tanalay yryata” and others have become popular among the people in recent years because of the performances of the ethnic group “Ayarkhaan”. In a short time, the group has become the symbol of the Republic, representing the Republic of Sakha at the Russian and international levels. “Ayarkhaan” is a laureate of Russian and international competitions and festivals of ethnic and live music, also a winner of many prizes. Grand Prix of the All-Russian Festival of Indigenous Minorities of the North “The Sparkle of the North”; Grand Prix of the II International Festival of World Ethnic Music “Sayan Ring”; Laureate of the International Festival of Live Music Magia Glosu; “The Best Ethnic Group” at the VIII International Festival of Live Music and Faith “Ustuu Huree”; “The Best Group” at the V International Congress-Festival of Vargan “Internationale Mondharp Festival”; have certificate of “World Master in Arts & Culture”; “The Legend of Ethnic Music” at the V International Festival of World Ethnic Music “Sayan Ring”; Participant in the cultural program of the Olympics 2012; Participants of the Holland Vocal Art Festival, Participant of the First International Days of Traditional Music of the Turkish World and a scientific conference; Headliners of the International Indigenous Festival Riddu-Riddu; Glatte & Verkehrt; International Vargan Music Festival “Mun”; International Dance and Folklore Festival Rudolstadt; VII International Festival of World Ethnic Music "Sayan Ring"; Klang Welten International World Music Festival; Classical Music Festival The BBC Proms; Festival of Music, Arts and Dance WOMAD; FMM Sines Festival; Sfinks Mixed Festival; International Khomus Music Festival “Khomusic Proms”; XIX Festival of 5 continents; Festival of nomadic civilization "Millennium Around Astana"; International festival of ethnic music and crafts "World of Siberia"; II Regional Festival of Crafts of Indigenous Minorities of the North of Sakhalin and the Far East "Living Traditions"; IV International Festival of Contemporary Culture “Kremlin LIVE”; VIII Warsaw Cultural Crossing Festival; XVII International Music Festival “Strings of Autumn”; WOMADELAIDE Music Festival; Live Music Festival “WOMAD NEW ZEELAND”; Honored guests of the V World Tatars Congress, the World of Siberia festival, the WOMAD RUSSYA festival, and the TOKYO Live festival.