Participants of the festival 2019

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Vigüela take their tradition with accuracy and show it is a living music, full of joy. They have released 8 albums the last two, with the Brittish record label ARC Music.

They have played all over Spain and also in Great Britain, and in Portugal, representing Spain at the Festival Bons Sons 2012, as well as in world music stages in Europe, like Førdefestivalen (Norway), Urkult Festival (Sweden), Fonó and Babel Sound Music Meeting (Hungary), Mazurkas of the World (Poland), the tour Klangkosmos (12 concerts), WOMAD UK. 

The team also teaches traditional styles (jota, fandango, seguidilla, son...) in their native village.

Vigüela is the first band from Spain taking to the professional world acoustic and raw jota, seguidilla, fandango and son performed with the traditional codes of popular music. These styles from the villages in Spain are the musical parents of flamenco. 

The music combines usual instruments, like guitar or tambourine, with objects that have always been used for making music when the economy didn´t allow buying instruments, or instruments built by themselves with materials from their environment: canes, stones, symple one string rebeq made with a pumpkin, mortars...

The humility of the instruments in this tradition is widely overthrown by the richness of the performers and the diversity of the styles: jota is joyful, fandango is majestic, son is tranceatic, seguidilla is lively.