Participants of the festival 2019

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VOU is on a mission to share Fijian dance with the world! Since establishing in 2007 VOU has been the most internationally toured contemporary dance company from the Pacific having toured high quality traditional and contemporary Fijian dance to over 25 countries from dancing in the mud at the UKs biggest festival Glastonbury, to winning an award at the prestigious Edinburgh festival. From representing Fiji at the Festival of Pacific Arts to researching traditional chants and dances in the most remote corners of Fiji’s islands – the VOU team will always be found doing what they love to do most – dancing!

VOU believes in providing fulfilling and prosperous career paths for Fijian artists, and currently VOU employs 33 Fijian artists both in Fiji and on international dance contracts.

VOU has a passion for research and development; we continuously support artists to research their indigenous and modern urban Pacific heritages to keep artists evolving and audiences informed. This consistent enquiry helps acknowledge ancient past in order to paint an accurate picture of a globalized modern day Fiji.

For this event in Samarqand VOU has bring a duet made up of two of the leaders of the VOU company - Navi and Sachiko. They will be performing the ancient art form of Fijian chanting called the Vucu and be playing Fijian percussion instruments called the Lali.