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Duo of Komuz performers


Kanybekov Elaman Kanybekovich and Kanybekov Aibek Kanybekovich are the solists of Duo of Komuz performers.

Both musicians have both secondary and higher musical education.

In 2012, they graduated the Republican secondary special music boarding school named after M. Abdraev the class of komuz. In 2016, the Kyrgyz National Conservatory named after K. Moldobasanov also the class of komuz. The duet performs music in various genres; Kyrgyz kuu as well as music in a modern style. Duo’s repertoire mainly consistes of folk songs in modern way; “Mezgil zanyrygs”, “Zhash kerbez”, “Ak Tamak Kok Tamak”, “Kara Ozgoy” are some samples. In addition to the national genre, musicians practice themselves in such large music genres as rock music, jazz, with the harmony Kyrgyz kuu and as well composing their music in these genres.

Additionally to komuz, both musicians plays perfectly in many Kyrgyz national instruments such as: temir ooz komuz, zhygach ooz komuz, chopo choor, choogo choor, sybyzgy, dobul bas and so on.

Regardless of their young age, musicians are actively participating in musical events on the national stage, in large-scale concert projects, at competitions and festivals both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.

They became winners of a number of contests: such as Grand Prix in the Republican contest “New Stars of Kyrgyzstan” in 2005, Grand Prix in the Republican contest among komuz performers. From 2007 - 2010 they won prizes in the republican contest Ars polonia. They were awarded with first place in the international contest “Issyk - Kol kadyr tunu” in 2010 and the Republican competition of K.Orozov in 2014. In 2016, they won the competition among students in Moscow.